The reason why most computer malware are so fatal

Because many users fail to distinguish whether they have been infected or not. Had they detected the infection at an earlier stage, the damage caused could have been very much reduced.
As each virus is programmed in a different way, it becomes difficult to spot a virus eruption. However, there are some general symptoms that make it easy to notice an infected computer. We gathered some of those symptoms here: Signs Your Computer Got Infected

1) Programs won’t start as normal or crash unexpectedly:

If some system programs like the task manager or registry editor have unexpectedly stopped working or crash accidentally without any visible cause, it is more than likely that your computer has got some form of worm that is attaching itself to various programs and thus, corrupting their code.
A virus modifying registry entries to avoid these programs from running could also cause this.

2) Unusual Web (Network) Traffic:

If even after closing your web browser and other applications that may use the internet connection, you see that your computer is still downloading or uploading anything, then your computer is possibly infected with some form of spyware that is either downloading other viruses to your computer or is uploading your private information & data to a remote computer. In case you use a Wi-Fi connection, it is also possible that your neighbors are using your network. If that indeed is the case, you need to make sure that wireless network is correctly secured.

3) Internet Connection not available or is slow:

If unexpectedly, your internet connection has stopped working or has become extremely slow, it is possible that a malware is the main cause. However, problems with your internet service provider could also be the cause of such issues.

4) Annoying Pop-ups or Redirection to Strange Websites:

If there has been an increase in the number of annoying pop-ups while browsing the internet or your web browser redirects you to an unusual website from the one you wanted to visit, a virus or adware might be the cause.

5) Computer won’t boot:

If your computer has swiftly stopped booting, it is possible that some malware has modified your computer’s system files. In such a state, re-installing or repairing your operating system might be the only way out.

6) Slow Computer:

Some viruses are designed specifically for this purpose. Malware programmers attain this by designing viruses that increase your CPU’s usage level to 100%.

If on running the Task Manager, you find that your CPU’s usage is constantly at 100% level, a malware might be the cause.

7) Programs start/run automatically:

Some viruses and adware automatically start bizarre programs on your computer in order to show unwanted advertisements or simply to frustrate users.

8) Unusual File Associations:

Some viruses change .exe or other file associations which prevents these files from opening. Some viruses also do this to automatically start themselves when a file of a particular type is started.

9) Security Software Disabled:

Most malware disable antivirus and firewalls to prevent themselves from being detected. If only single software stops working, it might be a specific software breakdown issue. If it is a general trend and almost every security software is facing this issue, a virus infection is mostly expected.

10) Weird Performance:

If your computer automatically starts sending emails or opens strange applications randomly or does things different from its “normal” performance, your computer is most likely compromised by malware.

11) Automatic Folder Copying:

One of the most important factor you will face is that you will see your folders got copied and pasted everywhere, also some may have their icons changed.


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