These days scams come in all forms, some even requiring Virus Removal

Virus Removal Don’t let Scammers get what they want.

Scammers know how to press your buttons to get what they want. They’ll even go as far as installing a virus on your PC where you’ll need to get professional virus removal help.

Perhaps a request to help someone in a fix or donate to a good cause? Or even an invitation to ‘befriend’ or connect with an online admirer?

The PC Whisperer can Remove viruses, Malware, protect your PC and clean any nasties out.

Keep in mind, scammers are becoming increasingly sophisticated in their activities, moving with the times to take advantage of new technology, communication methods, emerging products or services and major events to create plausible stories that will convince you to part with your money or personal details. Sometimes this could be related to romance fraud, and sometimes, it could be simply to encourage you to buy from a fake website where you’ll receive no product, however it will relieve you of some hard earned cash.
Romance fraud is one of the prevalent ways scammers use to get cash or even cash loans that will never be paid back.. or the unthinkable, they befriend and develop a relationship with you, eventually tricking you into installing malware or viruses onto your PC so they can get in to your PC through a back door. The PC Whisperer can help you identify scams, restore and protect your PC as well as virus removal.

How romance or friendship scammers start

First a scammer will befriend you and communicate with you to gain trust, next they’ll a story about some kind of hardship for which they need a small amount of money, If you give or loan them money, they will be grateful and continue to earn your trust through more intimate communication, their responses will be reliably timed, they will always respond to you.

After a little while of further gaining your trust through reliable communication responses, the second story line will start to unfold, perhaps a holiday visit from them where they organise fake travel plans to meet.

You see a scammer will always be an excuse, they have lost their wallet, had their passport stolen, have a relative needing urgent surgery, or they’ve been mugged. Some story will evolve giving them the opportunity to ask YOU for more money.  Don’t fall for it.

Stealing your identity and scams to get money

Every single scam is either about getting your money or stealing your identity so it can be used for illegal means to cover their own tracks or used to get money, for instance taking a loan out in your name leaving you to pay the bill and incur expensive legal fees to prove your innocence that could drag on for many months.

When it comes to trusting strangers online, we need to remember what we warn to our kids about, “Stranger Danger” “Beware of Strangers” and “Don’t talk to strangers”. Why don’t some people take their own good advice… Strangers lurking in the shadows on the internet are also good at encouraging innocent people to click on links and buttons, tricking you into downloading malicious small programs and software onto your PC. The PC Whisperer can help clean out of your PC and restore your system to a protected state.

Is your Computer behaving strangely or perhaps running slower than usual?
There is a possibility that your computer has been compromised, corrupt, infected with a virus, bug or malware (malicious software) Call The PC whisperer for support malware and Virus removal PC clean up and repairs.

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